Giclee Publishing/Wide Format Printing

Comprehensive high resolution digital imaging, color calibration, scanning, and wide format printing services are available through our Wildflowers Fine Art Editions division. Suitable for all fine art and photography applications, we use only the most archival substrates and processes in order to provide the artist with unparalleled quality giclee prints. All work is 100% guaranteed for accuracy and lightfastness.


Services and Rates


Archive Scan (no color calibration) $40.00 per artwork

Archive Scan with Color Calibration and Hard Copy Proof $100.00 per artwork

Color Calibration $50.00 per 1/2 hour

Proof Prints (8 x 10) $5.00 each

Digital Photo Restoration $45.00 per photo, includes 8” x 10” proof, scan & 1/2 hour of imaging

Image File CD copies $20.00 each, containing up to 10 files per disk

.pdf file preparation and layout for note cards and advertising $25 each

Illustration and Graphic Design Services

Ideation $50 per 1/2 hour

Illustration $50 per 1/2 hour

Design/Layout $50 per 1/2 hour

File Conversion and Re-Formatting $10.00 per image

Printing and Output Charges (minimum charge 500 square inches)

Setup, Scale & Print Optimize $5.00

Somerset Enhanced Velvet 225 100% Rag Watercolor Paper .15 per square inch

Anasazi Canvas Premium Matte 350 .17 per square inch (includes hand applied acrylic polymer varnish)

Anasazi Canvas Premium Matte 350-unvarnished .12 per square inch

Lasal Exhibition Lustre 300 .09 per square inch

Lasal Photo Matte 235 .09 per square inch

Print Finishing 

Machine-cut edges $1.00 per print

Shrink-wrap .08 per square inch (includes acid-free foamcore backing)

Canvas stretching:

side staple $5.00 per lineal foot (includes 3/4" poplar canvas stretcher material)

gallery wrap $7.00 per lineal foot (includes 1 1/2" poplar canvas stretcher material)

Photography Package Printing

Do you use a “disk-only” photographer? 

Send us your files to output on LaSalle Exhibition Lustre for beautiful enlargements.

Package “A” sheet size 24” x 26” $62.00

(4) 8 x 10, (4) 5 x 7, (4) 3 x 5 (8) 2 x 2 1/2

Package “B” sheet size 24” x 13” $32.00

(2) 8 x 10, (2) 5 x 7, (2) 3 x 5, (4) 2 x 2 1/2

Package “C” sheet size 12” x 10” $12.00

(2) 5 x 7, (2) 3 x 5, (4) 2 x 2 1/2

Papers suitable for inkjet printers require a special coating that receives the aqueous dye or pigment-based inks without feathering.  Coating technology has advanced to produce vivid high-resolution images  with high density (Dmax) and wide color gamut – or the broadest range of colors.  The best of these papers, with suitable pigment-based ink systems, can match or exceed the image quality and longevity of photographic gelatin-based silver halide continuous tone printing methods used for color photographs.

Fine art inkjet papers provide the luxurious feel of a handmade paper producing a print of great value. Generally speaking, papers for fine art inkjet printing fall into two categories: alpha-cellulose and cotton. The former is often associated with photo gloss, matte and luster surfaces, whereas cotton papers tend to be heavier, more textured and supple to the touch.  As cotton is a stronger fiber, prints made on cotton papers tend to have greater longevity, although this is heavily dependent on handling, storage/exhibition conditions and the inks.

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