watercolors made with honey

As an essential ingredient in our binding medium, honey contributes to moistness for smooth, easily controlled applications, increased pigment concentrations and freedom from reliance on preservatives.  Because of the honey medium, our color resists hardening on the palette, or in the tube.  It dilutes easily, often after months of disuse.

gouache-"opaque" watercolor


oil color made with pure walnut oil

We chose to build our oil color with pure walnut oil because its unique refractive index and non-yellowing nature produces color that is more naturally alive and brilliant. In addition walnut oil allows us to increase the amount of pigment in each color, resulting in extraordinary richness, color saturation, brilliance and tinting strength.


high resin solids acrylics

Containing 60% solids (instead of the usual 45% found in artists color), our acrylic emulsion allows us to increase pigment loads and eliminate artificial thickeners.   The result is increased pigment loads for more intense color and enhanced working properties with the flow and delicacy normally found only in fine gouaches.

painting mediums for oil and acrylic

Use our specially formulated Walnut Oil, Walnut Alkyd Medium, Acrylic Gloss Medium and arnish and Acrylic Matte Medium to get the most out of your M Graham painting experience!

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