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Silver Brush Limited has over 1200 different artists brushes to choose from. We have brushes for every artist in this line, and in our opinion, you'll not find a better artist's brush in any category with any other manufacturer. Why pay Grumbacher's price just for the name? Once you try one of our favorite Silver brushes, you'll agree that this is the only artist's brush line you'll ever need!

Our Products:                                                                 

Grand Prix is made exclusively for Silver Brush by master brushmakers, using 100% naturally curved Chunking white bristle. This carefully chosen bristle has deeply flagged and interlocked tips for maximum color carrying capability. Pure seamless corosion resistant copper ferrules are double crimped to long green lacquered handles. Bristles and handles are both sealed in the ferrule to protect these elegant brushes. Grand Prix brushes are perfectly balanced and shaped to fit the hand using only the best quality materials, making painting an exciting and stimulating experience. Series 1027 Xtra Long Filberts are especially prized by portrait & figure painters for their sharp chisel edges offering fine control for both detail and broad strokes. New! Series 1034 Long Filberts offer an intermediate length for greater control, combined with extra color carrying capacity. Grand Prix! Simply the worlds finest hog bristle brush.

Silverstone Finest quality Chunking white hog bristle brushes. Made of naturally curved and interlocked bristles with long flagged tips. Silverstone brushes are expertly manufactured by accomplished brushmakers. Each brush is fitted with a deep maroon matte finished handle, which is sealed, lacquered and set in a seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule. We make available to you our widest variety of sizes and shapes in the Silverstone series. Here, our long handle versions of these fine quality artists brushes are shown, with emphasis on the jumbo sizes. These extra large brushes are the first choice of easel painters working on large-scale murals or canvases. 

Silver White: click here for sizes and pricing                                      

Soft white synthetic brushes manufactured with using specially selected and blended length and thickness filaments to hold sharp edges in flats and fine needle points in rounds.
The spring and color carrying capacity duplicates the finest natural hair, at a fraction of the price. These multi-purpose brushes are suitable for use with acrylics, watercolor, gouache, water mixable oils and all water base media.
Silverwhite is fitted with long polished, white tipped silver handles and seamless nickel ferrules are made in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, including the new angular shape. They offer extraordinary value for easel painters working in acrylics, watercolor and all water media

Bristlon: click here for sizes and pricing

A breakthrough brush for all media, Bristlon is a stiff white synthetic for use in oils, water-mixable oils, caseins and acrylic colors. It has long-lasting interlocked construction and finely chiseled tips, providing excellent resiliency. After every stroke the brush returns perfectly to shape.
Bristlon retains stiffness in water or oil media. Perfect on rough surfaces, Bristlon offers long wear and excellent color control with brush strokes.
Bristlon filaments hold color and release evenly. It is resilient and ideal for heavy bodied colors. Bristlon cleans up with artists' solvent or water.
Superbly fashioned Bristlon uses the finest construction and material: Seamless nickeled brass ferrules, double epoxy sealed heads, firmly fitted to blue handles with silver tips.

Golden Natural: click here for sizes and pricing

Versatile and durable Golden Natural with short handles offers an extensive selection for oils, alkyds, acrylics & watercolors.
Golden Natural duplicates the needle sharp points and fine chisel edges of the best red sable... and at such attractive prices!
Our special mix of natural hair and golden taklon creates versatile brushes with exceptional color holding and extra spring. Precisely blended, skillfully cupped and carefully set in seamless nickel plated brass ferrules. Hardwood handles are finished in a red wine stain with silver tips.* 
*Series 2008S is fitted with clear beveled plastic handles.
Recommended by teachers and authors in more books, magazine articles and pattern packs than any other brush.

Ruby Satin: click here for sizes and pricing

The revolutionary synthetic with the control and feel of interlocked bristle, and more durable than natural hair. Ruby Satin™ offers a vast choice for artists in every media. Use Ruby Satin™ on rugged textured surfaces. Paint with confidence on wood pieces, canvas, or tough fabrics like sweats, jeans and heavy cottons. Ruby Satin™ offers superb color control with heavy body, tube, or jar acrylics. Use with oils, gouache, alkyd, encaustic or casein. Perfect for blending, double loading, layering and stroke work. Silver tipped, deep green polished handles, sealed and set in seamless nickeled brass ferrules.    

Black Velvet: click here for sizes and pricing

Our unique blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament creates ideal working tools for the watercolorist, silk painter, and artists working with inks, dyes, acrylics or gouache.

Squirrel hair holds large amounts of color and releases it with perfect control. By itself, squirrel is delicate. So we blended it with a synthetic to resist wear and maintain a wonderful snap and spring. This soft blend allows multiple layer glazing without disturbing previous colors, yet it’s firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub. 

Black Velvet features polished black ferrules, carefully fitted to gloss black handles, each with a distinctive silver neck band.*
*Series 3008S: Beveled tip black plastic handles for scraping or burnishing. 
*Series 3014S ferrules of stainless steel. Flat hardwood handles, lacquered gloss black with silver tips.

Mops & Blenders

Wee Mop™

Miniature oval blending brushes of first quality, pure camel hair. Superb for dry brush blending in oils or acrylics. Wee Mop™ softens hard edges uniformly, for reflections or shadows. Soft hair won't cut into the color. 
Popular with tole and decorative painters’ for grape painting. Small sizes allow for miniature painting on all surfaces.
These handmade brushes are securely set in seamless aluminum ferrules. Handles are light blue lacquered hardwood.

Silver Mops - Oval & Round

Ultra soft white and black goat hair. Ideal for color blending with oils or acrylics, or for background and sky washes in watercolors. Our black goat hair mops are favorites for dusting; used by conservators, ceramists and artists. These quality mops are the finest available.


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Renaissance Long Handle   

Finest quality pure red sable from selected marten tails create a range of superb sable brushes with a natural spring and generous color holding capacity.
Renaissance brushes come to a fine point or sharp chisel edge that resists splitting. The professionals' choice in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for oils, acrylics or watercolors.

Select sable hair is carefully hand cupped, individually tied into bundles, then set by experienced brush makers in seamless gold plated ferrules. Carefully balanced, gloss black hardwood handles are fitted for the finest quality sable brushes.

Renaissance Short Handle  

Our best red sables make no compromise. Pure red sable hair is chosen from selected marten tails and carefully dressed to create brushes with a natural spring and generous color holding capacity.

Renaissance short handle brushes hold a fine point and resist splitting. They are the professionals' choice in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for professional craft or hobby projects in acrylic, oil or watercolors.

Our most experienced brush makers carefully hand cup and individually tie the sable hair into bundles, then epoxy set each brush head in polished seamless ferrules. Carefully balanced, gloss black hardwood handles with gold tips are fitted for the finest quality sable brushes.

Black Pearl  

Black Pearl™ with Mightlon™ synthetic filament - a NEW material that is unique and only available from Silver Brush Limited.

It will hold up to the most rigorous treatment with heavy bodied and tube acrylics. Black Pearl is recommended for use with Acrylic Colors, Oil & Water Mixable Oil Colors. It's ideal on canvas and large mural surfaces.

Mightlon™ filaments are epoxy-set in polished seamless aluminium ferrules. Fitted to long matte black handles. The perfect brush for the value minded consumer

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